15 Days Post-Op

6 week update


Well first of all, if I'd known how it would really be, I would have never have done this.  I feel like I've wasted 6 weeks of my life and I'd rather have the pain of bone/bone than not being able to ride, to walk right, bend my leg enough, feeling like crap most of the time and losing a lot of extra overtime money and missed travel.  And reading about other people who have +100 degree flexion the first couple of weeks really depresses me.  The ONLY good thing is that I've lost 20 pounds (in the first 3 weeks) and have kept it off (and will hopefully lose a lot more if I can ever train again.)

Yes, I am in a pissy mood. My life is sleep in, get up and lay on the couch, go to PT 3x/week, come home and lay on the couch, go to bed.  And, this week has been the week of the trip to Hawaii that I had to cancel , so seeing all my friends' photos is killing me.  

Currently my extension is anywhere between 5-10 degrees.  We know this will be slow since I lived 6 years never fully extending my leg after my arthroscope in 2009.  That is what my former surgeon wanted and I didn't know any better.  So my current surgeon is fine with that number right now since hamstrings and calf muscles are super tight.  Working daily on stretching them.  


Current flexion is only about 90 degrees, which is behind where I should be.  I have a lot of pain in the IT band and over the fibular head and calf (one pin-point area), with "tightness" over the front of the knee.  I can drive if I scoot the seat all the way back to get in the truck then move the seat up.  The surgeon said 90-ish is ok for now and he thinks I'll get more in the next couple of weeks since it feels "springy" and not like hardened adhesions.  Keep it going and he added 4 more weeks of PT.  

Back to work full time on November 1st and ease into it by working a few hours at home for the next three weeks.  

I did get to three hockey games in the past two weeks, including a Meet the Team party and opening night Gold Carpet walk.  Last night was the first night that I've made it for the entire game, sitting in my usual seat, so that's a plus.  


I haven't been walking as much as I should, since I don't like to walk around my neighborhood (long story) and I really have a very difficult time getting off the couch or out of bed.  But tomorrow, I am going to go to the pool and try swimming.  The surgeon doesn't want to see me until December 31st and said go for it regarding swimming and walking.



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