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Greg Moody


My name is Greg Moody and I am in Australia. In 1989 my father was team manager for the Herald Sun Tour in Australia. Inaki was the masseur for the team. I am sorry but I am not sure of his last name but it was something like Extrebano I think.

I did a simple search on Google and believe it or not a came across your photos with him and Neil Stephens from the 2004 Tour De France. Neil was also part of the team. He was team captain although another rider in the team, Marcel Arntz went on to win the race that year.

Anyway, I was wandering if you had Inaki’s contact details. I am trying to get hold of them because I would like to travel over in the next year or two and see the tour. Although it was almost 20 years ago he did say that if I ever want to go over to let him know.

Thanks for your help either way.

Best Regards,

Greg Moody

+61 (0)417 012 293


Very cool...

Thanks so much for posting your entire IMB adventure! I was living your entire experience vicariously through your posts and pics...

Thanks for sharing...!


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