A Little Travel Pictorial....
IM Brasil Race Pics

May Totals

S: 16,500 m
B: 425.3 mi
R: 77.4 mi
Time: 55:32

Week of May 14:
S: 3,100m
B: 85 mi
Tr: 0
R: 11.9 mi
Wts: 1x
Time: 10:22

Week of May 21:
S: 6,900m
B: 175.3 mi
R: 36.2 mi
Time: 21:09

My legs feel really good--soreness only lasted about one day, so that's good. My stomach is rebelling though. I think I'm missing my maracuja and other fruits and pao de queso (cheese bread) for breakfast and then the buffet lunch, including lots of black beans and rice and grilled chicken. And the little cups of coffee.

The plan for the next few days is to get caught up at work, hang out with friends and volunteer this weekend at Escape From Alcatraz. I'm itching to get out on the cross bike, so I'll probably do a little ride tomorrow sometime. The weather here is typical summer--foggy and cold, which I hate! I see a lot of Vineman or Contra Costa riding in my future.


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