Sunday's TT

Wednesday Night Track Racing

Got home a little while ago from the track and am still amped!! I am super happy with tonight! A HUGE breakthrough!!!!! Maybe I should just race every day!

It was Mice night at the track. Seriously. Me, Mo, Ashley in the Cs. Jeff and Jake in the Bs. Ben and Noel in the As. Mateo and Eduardo as support and photography.

Probably 10-12 Cs, including a gal from the Proman team.
Goals: Work on getting closer to a wheel and staying on it. Hang longer with the pack.

Race 1: 12 lap points race, points every 3rd lap [which effectively means a full on sprint for most of the race]
I led it out and went out too fast. (Afterwards Ashley said she was yelling at me to slow down. Didn't hear her.) And I forget that you have to wait until they ring the bell and then AFTER that it's for points. Went off the front and then when it was really time to sprint, I couldn't go with them. But picked up Mo and we worked together for most of the rest of the race. Proman gal in the Cs so pace was high. Legs felt good though.

Race 2: 10 lap scratch race
Decided to not start in the front, but more towards the middle/back. Group pretty much stayed together until turn 4 of last lap. And...I HUNG WITH THE PACK THE WHOLE WAY! That is a first and I was super jacked!!! Didn't even finish last. Very happy with that race!

Race 3: miss and out
Finished 7/10, I think. Maybe 8th. I know I wasn't the first couple of people out. If I'd hit it just a little harder on the back stretch that last lap I was in, I probably would have not been out on that lap. But, that's the best I've done in that race to date. Still quite happy.

Race 4: 30 lap scratch race, Cs and B riders who hadn't scored any omnium points thus far (a very large field--25+?)
Thought about not doing this race as my legs were kind of tired and the field was really big, but what the hell. Proman girl and a couple of guys went off the front pretty much from the gun and after a couple of laps, I got gapped and lost the pack, so I pulled up to the rail to wait for someone (Ashley? Mo?) to come around and then jump on. Wait, why are Ashley and Mo riding around the warm-up circle??? A number of people dropped out after a few laps, so the faster people were left. I'd wait for Jeff and the riders he was working with to come around and get on the end of their group for a few laps until I thought my lungs would burst, the pull up. Kept doing that and was able to hang a little more each time. Didn't want this race to end! It was hard but so FUN! Afterwards, Proman (Kelly? the one who was there Friday night) told me I had some good pulls. Yea! Felt really good at the end.

There was a crash towards the end of the A/B last scratch race. Not sure what happened as Mo and I were off changing in the bathroom. One guy was a bit bloody and Rick called the ambulance, but the guy didn't go out and was talking and was able to give someone his girlfriend's phone number. Hope he's not too bad.

Stop at Valero and the taco truck where Mateo learned the fine art of roping from Nole. Then it was on the road and back to SF.

I'm still smiling.



whoa, that is a lot of racing for you! awesome!

so excited all you mice ladies are coming out!

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