Goals and January Totals

Well, That Went Fast and Slow

It was one year ago this weekend that I got crashed out of the Early Bird Crit, the event which started this whole knee surgery thing. It seems like forever. And the recovery from the September 3rd surgery still drags on (both rehab and financially). And still no full release from the doctor. At least I've found a physical therapist I really really like (Rich Soriano, Action Sports Medicine, http://www.actionsportsmed.com/). Very highly recommended! 

But back to this whole surgery thing. At times I wish I hadn't of had it done. Yeah, I was in pain, but it was pain where I knew if I sat too long, then it would hurt. So don't sit! It never hurt to ride. I guess I'm still frustrated, especially when everyone else is off riding 5 hours and starting to race and I'm not. Patience has never ever been my strong point.

At least January has zoomed by and I've been on the bike a lot, finally being released by the physical therapist to "RIDE" (as opposed to super easy trainer riding). I hit my January goal mileage early and did the Early Bird training clinics, getting some group riding practice. I also jumped into the first couple of races, lasting for a few laps, but I'm definitely not ready to ride at 25 mph for 30 minutes! After the second week of this, the coach called me and chewed me out big time. And everything he said was correct. So, I'm riding base and not racing until April. My goal is to go fast in September and October, not in January and February.

More later on January totals and goals.



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