No More Super Bowl Rides for Me

Last year I spent the afternoon at the Palo Alto Foundation (urgent care) after being taken out at the Early Bird Crit. 

Today I thought about going to spectate at the Cherry Pie Crit, but needed to ride so I headed out and went to ride over the bridge. Since pretty much everyone else was racing, I rode solo, except when I got to Sausalito Greg rolls up and we ride through Sausalito and up the bike path. We were cruising along at a good clip and I was working. When we got to the Camino Alto hill, Greg went ahead to do his ride and I'm riding up the hill at my pace and Sandi comes by and we chat for a minute but her pace is faster than mine so she goes on. I get to the top of the hill and then down the backside and I catch Sandy at the light at the bottom. She's going north, so I decide to ride up to Fairfax and then turn around and come back, so when the light chages, Sandy and I ride together all the rest of the way up to Fairfax. It's flat to gradual uphill so again, I was working pretty good. I bid Sandy a good ride as she was going to head on out to Nicasio. I stopped in Fairfax to have a coffee.

A short break and I turn around and was and the plan was to ride back the same way. I get back to Camino Alto and climbed that and then zipped back down the other side. Since I was riding at my pace, I was feeling better, catching a second wind. I get back to the bike path and I'm going about 14 mph, feeling good. About halfway along the path, I see a jogger up ahead going the same direction and she was over to the right hand side of the path. I also see that jogger woman has headphones on and I definitely slowed down since there were people were coming the other direction. All of a sudden jogger woman breaks left without looking behind her and I shout out. She freezes and leans left and I'm thinking she's either going to freeze where she is or is going to continue to go left but instead, she goes back right and we collide and we both go down and I land on my right side.

Right elbow - road rash and bruised
Right palm of hand - sore; hurt to lean on handlebar
Right knee - road rash and bruised below the knee
Left knee (the surgery knee) - swelling and turning back and blue just above the kneecap; also a cut/scrape below the kneecap
Right neck muscles are sore

The bike: front wheel out of true; dent in the down tube (but that may have been from the crash last year.)

I was able to ride into Sausalito to Bicycle Odyssey where they got the wheel good enough to ride back to SF. Then I showered and took the bike to the shop.


For the week:

Walk: 3.7 miles 
Bike: 130.3 miles 
Boxing/weights: 4x 
Time: 13:42


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