10 Weeks

A big day! I got into the competition pool via the ladder and got out at the end of my swim!!! No more old people's pool. I ended up doing 1100 m, mostly swimming but some kicking and some slow water running also. I don't have my prior stamina or speed, but swimming regularly should help both of those things.

Kicking on my back is fine. Kicking on my stomach with the kickboard is ok but I am so slow. We also have done a drill in the past where you kick on your side. I tried that but man, that felt freaky so I stopped! Kind of like the first time you try to lay on your side after surgery.

After that I showered and went to the hair salon and sitting around there for a couple of hours didn't help. Though it was way better than the time I went two weeks post surgery and they totally are cool about letting me get up and walk around whenever I need to. When I got home my whole leg was a bit sore and both of my legs had major leg twitches. So I might have overdone it a bit today, but at least my hair looks fabulous.

Yesterday I told PT Jonathan that next week one of the things I want to work on is getting down on the floor and back up. I want to try to do some ab work and some stretching that's not knee related.

And today was my last day of freedom since I go back to work full-time in the office on Monday. Of course this is the first week since I've had surgery that I really felt good enough to go out and do stuff. Figures.


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