10 Weeks


Things are coming along slowly. This recovery is not a straight linear thing. I may go if you days feeling better and better and doing more and then they'll be a day or two where I fall back and can't do it I was just doing. I guess this is completely normal but very frustrating.

For those of you who are curious about what the surgery is really like, here is a basic description.

They cut your knee open (6 inch scar), pull the soft tissues out of the way, turn your knee cap over, amputate the ends of your tibia and femur (the big lower leg bone and the upper leg bone), saw the bones, pound and glued the prosthesis in (metal on the upper bone and plastic on the lower bone). It is a major surgery and takes awhile to heal.

Well hell! No wonder it hurts like a *#€£{]!?! And no, I am not yet ready to watch a video of this surgery. In fact, many times I will ask PT Jonathan a question about what something is or what he's doing and he will respond, "Do you really want to know?" Which is our code for "I'm talking about the new parts of your knee."

I had one big breakthrough it in the past week. I can now get in and out of my truck without moving the seat! It's the small things that you have to rejoice about.

I can also ride the recumbent bike at PT pretty well. My next goal will be to try to ride my trainer at home.


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