10 Weeks
Pluses and Minuses


Swim: 3,350 m
Bike: 10.1 mi (indoor at PT)
Trainer: 25 minutes 
Walk: 5.7 miles
Time: 5:31

PT Sessions: 12

After how I felt the entire month of September, I’m pretty happy with October, especially since I couldn’t swim until about mid-month and then or even longer to be able to make a full rotation on any bike.  The goal for November is to build time slowly and to either swim, bike or walk daily.  I have some PT sessions left and then we’ll see if the insurance will cover another round. Considering I can’t yet walk downstairs normally, I hope so.

Tomorrow I start back to work in the office full time.  We’ll see how my knee handles that.  I really hope I get back to sleeping normally (not waking up during the night).  I think that will be the biggest help in recovery.



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