Lord Stanley (and Phil the Keeper)

Pluses and Minuses

On the plus side

Surgeon is very pleased with where I am. 

My scar looks good.

I can walk up steps almost like a normal person.

I'm up to about 40 minutes of walking with no problem (1.5 miles yesterday in 31 minutes).  Walking pace is getting faster.

I've started back swimming in the past 2 weeks.

Just last week I was able to get on my bike at home on a stationary trainer and actually pedal.

On the minus side

I'm still on painkillers (AM and PM), though a lower level one than the original one.

Still going to physical therapy.  (Though I like PT Jonathan and I hit my medical deductible long ago, so this is more of a plus.)

I cannot walk down steps like a normal person.  Not even close.

I still walk with a slight limp and it's painful if I stand too long or sit too long.

Still not sleeping a regular night’s sleep (sometimes yes, sometimes I wake up at 2AM, other times at 4:30 AM – all very random).  I just want to go to bed, fall asleep, sleep through until morning like I used to do before surgery.

I still have issues with appetite (lost my taste for beer)!!!  Sometimes coffee tastes terrible, the next day it will taste great.  The same with food.  Again, random (and irritating!) and hard to plan ahead.

My knee gets very stiff/sore after sitting too long (which makes hockey games difficult!)

Just last week (my last free one!) did I feel like getting out and doing fun stuff during the day.  Now I am back to work full time as of today.  So that was 9 weeks kind of wasted, except for watching TV the first 5 weeks.  I couldn't even concentrate during that time to read a magazine.

On the “oh heck I'm screwed” list

I missed the training at work for the new phones and the new filing system!  I have about 500 emails and PDFs which need to be filed!  Plus jumping right back into work.



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