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November Totals

Fitness Check-In

It's been 40 days since I started working with Trainer Evan and Tuesday we re-tested body comp.  I knew my scales at home had gone down some, but the official numbers were good - down 6 pounds and inches lost!  With the Styku machine they have, you can see in 3-D [] where the changes are.  So that's even more motivation to keep at it and I'm going to keep working with Evan twice a week, then swim or ride the trainer or walk on the other days.  He definitely keeps things interesting and mixes it up and definitely challenges me every session.  And writing down everything I eat and drink has been very enlightening and helpful.

And that's also 40 days without a zero in the training log.  In fact, last week was the highest volume of training in over a year and my first outdoor bike ride in 16 weeks.  For some reason, Tennessee has dimmed my love of riding the bike.  Drivers here are terrible, 90 degree humid weather, seeing huge snakes on the bike trail, having to ride by myself, my irregular work/travel schedule - all have played a part.  Thanks to Kathy for riding with me on Saturday.  I need to get back out there because you forget how much you enjoy it.  I've also gotten back in the pool and am looking for a half Ironman distance race in 2018 which has the aqua bike division.  That will be one of my 2018 goals.






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