#projectreturntofitness and a Race Report
Fitness Check-In

No Zeros

When I was working with Scott Molina, he once gave me a stretch of training with no days off for over a month.  He said because of my work and travel schedule, that a rest or off day would just happen, so in the meantime, "No zeros in the training log."  I think I hit about 40 days in a row of training at that time.  I also know that I really fall under Newton's First Law - An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.  If I miss a day, it's hard to get back to it.  So as of today, I have 30 days in a row of some sort of exercise.

Most of what I've been doing is riding the trainer early or walking and working out with Evan two days per week.  He keeps it fun, but hard, and always throws something new into the mix.  I'm seeing results - wearing a dress to the Predator's Petey's Party charity function that I hadn't been able to wear in quite a while.  Very motivated to keep going!  Though I definitely get frustrated when I can't do something right or like I used to do.  Patience has never, ever been my strong suit.  As the V-Man used to say, "Passion, Patience, Persistence".  Need to keep the 3Ps in mind.


I've also been back in the pool a couple of times.  That is the harder thing to fit into my schedule since I can't seem to get in the pool at 5:00 AM!  When work or other appointments don't conflict, I'll be going to the noon MWF workout.  The two times I've been recently were good - the feel for the water is coming back and I just need to get my "swim muscles" kicking in again.

There is a 5K in early October that I'm going to target.  And I need to look at the 2018 triathlon/aquabike schedule and pick out a few races to do.  Suggestions welcome!




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