Lost in Thought and Inaction

Great line from Tim Goodman of the SF Chronicle.

Sitting here in the bar in the Denver airport to watch the World Cup, on my way to NYC. Too bad I will miss the US-Italy game.

Quite the busy place DIA is, lots of people all over the place. It's 10:30 AM and lots of people are drinking beer. Me? Coffee and eggs. Rather interesting to people watch and see what they eat (and how much). No wonder Americans are getting fatter and fatter. A guy at the bar wanted something healthy, "some sort of salad." The waitress told him to get a Caesar salad. Hmmmm, any time I've had a Ceasar salad, it's definitely not so healthy--Caesar dressing, cheese, croutons.

I also went shopping yesterday and Old Navy has a huge selection of plus sizes (yes, pun intended). I'm very happy to say that I can no longer shop in the plus size department, and in fact, am down another size. I like shopping now!!!

Time to head to the gate. The C:ZH team better get with it. Looking forward to AUS-BRASIL tomorow.

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