Funny how things work out....

Kurtclm  Sometimes when you butt heads with someone for a long time that you've only met online or just in passing at a race (especially when both of you are very strong-willed and opinionated people), but then you have the chance to hang out and drink beers, you get to know each other better and find out how OK the other is! Kurt, fun weekend with you and Shelley. Must have been fate at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Either that or us following the Subaru with the shoes on top.   ;-)

Surf City Cyclocross.....Costume Cross




What was I? A "cross" dressing vision in pink, with the new pink argyle and sparkly jersey, a hot pink skirt from, glasses and a mustache. Eight year old Allie was already doing the kids' race when I got back from the car and I yelled at her to GO GO GO and she kept staring at me and laughing and almost ran into the kid in front of her. It was pretty funny. A very good time was had by all.

After the costume cross, it was time for the real race, but that's another story for later.

Pemberton Trail 50K Pics

A big thanks to Kevin Smith for spending all day at the race and taking lots and lots of photos!

Pb50frinight Friday night--still not sure why I'm going to run 50K.

Pb50prerace Race morning. Not enough coffee!

Pb50jimpleg1 Getting Jim ready to run.

Pb50loop2 Starting loop 2.

Pb50finish1 Coming to the finish.

Pb50finish2 Finishing kick!

Pb50finish3 DONE!

Pb50postrace Time for a beer.

Pb50group Dead Runners Society goes 6 for 6! pictures

Me and Sergio at Lava Java

View from my condo

View from the hill run

Dinner out with Sergio (Sedi), Sergio and Paulo

Me and Adrian and Scott from Scott Bikes

Jonny, Dev, Paulo, Tracy and Sedi at the Slowtwitch brunch

Me and Jonnyo

Slowtwichers with Normann's Kuota (nice bike!!)

Michellie at bike check in

Enough said

Normann, first into T2

Normann, on his way to his second win

Macca, charging hard, but not quite able to catch Normann

THE SERGIO--fastest run split of the day (2:43!!)